Monday, 22 December 2014

Slimming… The lessons I learned!

Slimming… The lessons I learned!

If I say slimming is all about what happens in your mind, very few of you may agree to that!

But, believe it or not it happens like that... and like that only!

Slimming is 10% diet, 10% exercise and 80% knowing that you can do it.

After helping 1300 clients including 126 medical doctors for achieving what they dreamt; I can categorically say that, it’s also all about what you do to conquer what you think impossible.

Out of my experience in mentoring them for the last four years, I am sharing the following lessons which are applicable to everyone who want a drastic change in life.

Obesity is like a complicated lock. But every lock has a key. Locks open only with the right key. So one of the crucial things one has to first do is finding one of the right keys. 

It is also about finding the right strategies. An analogy would be to one that of a trip from Cochin to Trivandrum. The method of travel will determine the ease with which you reach Trivandrum. Going in a car would be lot easier than walking all the way.

Slimming is going to be a life long journey and there is no destination until the very last day of your life. So, making that journey a pleasant and easy one is also important for the success of the program.

Such a journey can only begin with a decision to change. As Antony Robbins says, it is in your moments of decision that the destiny is made. For this to happen we should feel the need to change. Until a strong need is felt by each of us, we will never start such a life long journey.

Next comes hope. Hope changes everything you do. Such a hope comes easily when you have a mentor.

The last thing for such a lifelong change is commitment. Until you commit yourself for having a life changing experience, you will never complete a journey called slimming. 

Lastly I would like to opine that, with the right kind of help and support, anyone can complete such a journey perceived as ‘gruesome’ by many. The 97 percent of people who have achieved what they wanted through my QkSlim program will also vouch for the above lessons.

Jc Dr Vinod B Nair
Chief Mentor

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