Useful Links on Obesity

0. Qk
1. Medline Plus General Information - Go to each links on the page
2. National Institute of health - Go to each links on the page
3. National Cancer Institute: Obesity and Cancer
4. MNT - All about Obesity
5. World Health Organisation on Obesity
6. PubMed Fact sheet: Health benefits of losing weight
7. PubMed Obesity
8. - Go to each links
9. Center for Disease Control - Obesity
10. eMedicine on Obesity
11. How to Lose Weight - The Basics of Weight Loss
12. BMI Calculator
13. Weight Loss for Back Pain Relief
14. Kids Health - Overweight in Kids
15. Obesity Help - MED TV
16. 10 exercise myths that won't go away - CNN
17. The Real Dangers of Weight-Loss Drugs

Weight Loss Surgery Risks
What Mayo Clinic Says
Weighing Bariatric Surgery's Risks - Businessweek

Understanding the Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

What No One Tells You About Weight Loss Surgery

FDA Targets Gastric Band Weight-Loss Claims

Regarding Surgical Mortality Statistics
Weight-loss surgery - before - what to ask your doctor
Weight Loss Surgery Poses Health Risks

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