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Slimming… The lessons I learned!

Slimming… The lessons I learned!

If I say slimming is all about what happens in your mind, very few of you may agree to that!

But, believe it or not it happens like that... and like that only!

Slimming is 10% diet, 10% exercise and 80% knowing that you can do it.

After helping 1300 clients including 126 medical doctors for achieving what they dreamt; I can categorically say that, it’s also all about what you do to conquer what you think impossible.

Out of my experience in mentoring them for the last four years, I am sharing the following lessons which are applicable to everyone who want a drastic change in life.

Obesity is like a complicated lock. But every lock has a key. Locks open only with the right key. So one of the crucial things one has to first do is finding one of the right keys. 

It is also about finding the right strategies. An analogy would be to one that of a trip from Cochin to Trivandrum. The method of travel will determine the ease with which you reach Trivandrum. Going in a car would be lot easier than walking all the way.

Slimming is going to be a life long journey and there is no destination until the very last day of your life. So, making that journey a pleasant and easy one is also important for the success of the program.

Such a journey can only begin with a decision to change. As Antony Robbins says, it is in your moments of decision that the destiny is made. For this to happen we should feel the need to change. Until a strong need is felt by each of us, we will never start such a life long journey.

Next comes hope. Hope changes everything you do. Such a hope comes easily when you have a mentor.

The last thing for such a lifelong change is commitment. Until you commit yourself for having a life changing experience, you will never complete a journey called slimming. 

Lastly I would like to opine that, with the right kind of help and support, anyone can complete such a journey perceived as ‘gruesome’ by many. The 97 percent of people who have achieved what they wanted through my QkSlim program will also vouch for the above lessons.

Jc Dr Vinod B Nair
Chief Mentor

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dr. Vinod The Qk Slim  Effect 
 Losing 30 Kilos in 90 days!

Before Qk Slim

After Qk Slim 

After losing 31.5 Kilos

After losing 36Kg at Qk Slim Workshop

Qk Slim Workshop at IMA House, Cochin 27th May 2012

An Interesting Comparison

An interesting Comparison of my videos on Asianet NEWS before and after Qk Slim Program. Both were uploaded officially by Asianet NEWS Channel. 
Both done in same studio by same anchor!

Before Program was recorded 6th September 2012 ie.; 4 months before I started the QkSlim program on myself. 
After program recorded on 26th April 2012!

Witness for yourself the magic of Qk Slim on me!

Before Part 1 

QkSlim on Various Electronic Media - You Tube
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Sreekandan Nair's Samadooram Mazhavil Manorama
June 9th 2012 You Tube Videos
Part 1

Health NEWS Amrita TV

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Qk Slim - What is this program?

Qk Slim is a comprehensive and revolutionary non-medical program by a medical doctor! Dr. Vinod B. Nair, a Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon practicing in Cochin for the last 16 years, has been dreaming to reduce his extra weight put on by him over the years.

He tried different methods to lose the extra flab but to no avail. After extensive research on weight reduction techniques, he in his wisdom has conceived, developed and designed a strategy for himself! He was successful in reducing 32 Kgs in 120 days!

The weight losing effect of this program known as Qk Slim is already proven beyond doubt in his own friends, acquaintance and many of his clients. This program is now being made widely available for public due to popular demand.

Qk Slim is based on the principles of total discipline and mind control in one's dieting and daily routines and having a de-addiction from wrong dietary habits. Dr. Vinod, a visionary who practices meditation for the last 25 years has designed and formulated the techniques for this program.

It is a process of unlearning the wrong habits of eating the wrong foods in wrong quantities. It is all about relearning with a perfect mind control on how to eat the right food in right quantity so that you reach your target weight in a quick, safe, simple, effective manner.

This program requires a minimum exercise of walking 45 minutes on most of the days in a week, which will be reached in a graded manner, starting with 10 minutes in the first day. Exercises are used only as a measure to maintain muscle tone, basic metabolic rate and to improve cardio pulmonary function rather than as a method to burn extra calories.

Qk Slim, a full day workshop will be done at pre-determined dates in different cities of the world. This workshop is based on the principles of Meditation, Visualization and Guided Imagery. It covers detailed advice on areas of Dieting, Nutritional supplements, Moderate Exercise, Motivation, Goal Setting, Law of attraction, Techniques of Meditation, Realization and Mentoring so as to help participants achieve their desired target weight.

Everything one need to learn on weight reduction will be taught by the original designer of the program, Dr. Vinod B. Nair who is medical doctor, life coach, mentor, personality development and corporate trainer having vast experience in medical and non-medical communication. He had hosted medical programs extensively in Television channels for years and is richly experienced in communicating to the masses on medical issues.

This program does not involve any prescription drugs or surgical procedures.

Qk Slim Associate Councillors

To spread this new revolutionary concept on quick, effective, safe and sustainable weight reduction, we have Qk Slim Associate Councillors who will brief you on the basic concepts of the Qk Slim program, before you start the onward journey to a slimmer & healthier life.

To cover cities and areas where we are yet to reach, we invite likeminded persons, willing to be part of this new venture by becoming a Qk Slim Associate Counsellor and get benefitted! If you are interested in becoming a Qk Slim Associate Councillor, please contact us by email or phone. We will help you to understand the whole process.

Dr. Vinod B. Nair, the designer and inventor of the program is the sole authority to conduct this workshop. Those who want to register for the Qk Slim workshops; need to contact Qk Slim directly as advised in the website. For modes of payment options available, please contact us. All payments must be made directly to Qk Slim.

Qk Slim Brand Ambassadors

They are our stars who have already undergone our program and proved it a success story beyond doubt. They epitomize the achievement through Qk Slim. Like Qk Slim Associate Councillors, they may also refer you to this program.

For more details go to

Lose Weight. Not Your Mind!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Why Qk Slim?

I was very thin during my teens! I wanted to gain weight badly!

Then one day I met Mr. Sodhi a middle aged hefty Punjabi friend of mine who was also my neighbour. He advised me the mantra to get fatter. He said "eat whatever comes on your way" and I ardently stuck to his advice!

I grew laterally day-by-day! By the age of 30, I crossed my limit of ideal weight. But I never stopped getting fat, because I was still sticking to the advice of my friend, now almost helplessly! I was getting addicted to any tasty food that came on my way!

I was a connoisseur of food and beverages who liked all kinds of meat products. Seven years back I became a total vegetarian and started walking 60 to 90 minutes a day, with a hope to thin me down. However, I continued to grow sidewise. The hip size of my pants increased by a couple of inches and the groove of the belt kept changing for the worse.

By the age of 46th year, I was 122 kilos and was still growing. I left behind a huge trail of unfitting wardrobe. Then I decided, enough is enough! I am going to thin down and lose those extra kilos at any cost! However, being a doctor I wanted to do it safely, quickly and effectively.

I went through all the available medical literature on the concepts of losing weight. There were limited choices available to me. I had an option to drastically reduce my food to intolerable levels, and then the thought about the intensity of my hunger foreclosed that! The other choice I had was walking enough to burn those extra calories. However, I learned to my shock that I had to walk for 45 minutes to spend the energy of two pieces of bread that I ate. So walking even 24 hours a day was not enough to account for what I ate in a day!

Then an idea struck me probably during one of the meditation sessions! Hunger is something similar to the five senses that every human have. It is also just another form of sensation. Probably you have a way to control it in a medically logic method. As a person who practiced meditation for the last 25 years, I felt that I have a chance here. I once again went through an extensive medical research on the concepts of hunger and satiety. I realized that only total control of my mind in food intake and my daily habits would get me the desired results!

Finally I had a plan for me, combining all the concepts of meditation, guided imagery, visualization, realization, law of attraction, dieting, moderate exercises in addition to my medical knowledge on how a human body works and adapts to different environments and challenges. And the plan which now I call Qk Slim, was thus born.

Once I was into my Qk Slim plan, I lost 20Kgs in the first 60 days. Then the rate of my weight reduction slowed down as I moved to my normal diet, but of course in a reduced quantity. Surprisingly the new low quantities of normal food were sufficient for me to lead a very active and busy life without any problem. I continued to lose weight with my new diet. Now I have lost 30 Kgs and am slowly approaching my ultimate target of ideal weight. I am sure I will be there in no time!

My family got surprised, as they never thought I would go back to my old shape ever again. My friends got astonished seeing the change in my appearance. They said now I looked 10 -15 yrs younger. People who knew me stopped wherever I went, asking me how I did it. They all wanted to do it themselves!

I modified my program to one that is much easier for others to follow. I made meditation, imagery and visualization guidelines for them. I taught them the concepts and steps of my program, on how I did it. Each and everyone who tried it were instantly successful in shedding their weight at a pace they never thought was possible. It was so easy, quick and effective.

When more and more people started asking me to do it for them too and since I realized that I need at least 6 to 8 hours to teach each of them on how to make it happen, I asked myself why don't you do it as a mass workshop for the public. I was anyway doing lots of workshops for corporate and public on Individual development area, so why not this? Ultimately the present day Qk Slim workshop was born!

Lose Weight. Not Your Mind!

Friday, 1 June 2012


1. How quick my weight will come down?

This will depend on how much quantity and what kind of food you were eating before the program, your age and your BMR(Basic Metabolic Rate). If you were eating excess energy rich foods and sweets you will lose weight much faster and the younger you are faster you tend to lose weight. If you have a high BMR, you lose weight faster. But more important is the fact that everyone will lose weight ultimately if they stick on to the program.

2. How safe it is?

This is one of the safest ways of losing weight. No prescription drugs or surgical procedures are involved in this program. For diet control, the most important thing we rely in Qk Slim, is our own mind control techniques. In fact, this is a totally non medical program. Participants will have to use a protein rich supplement initially for the first month and may need it further depending on the type of their regular diet. They may also take multi vitamin and mineral tablets to maintain optimal nutrition.

3. Once I start the program, is there a point of no return?

Absolutely No! At any point you can return to your original diet, but I strongly advise you to pursue this program for at least 60 days before quitting. This is one of the easiest and most user-friendly programs for weight reduction.

4. How much exercise should I do? How hard? How long?

You require walking for 45 minutes for most of the days in a week. You need to begin walking from the 10th day of the program, starting with 10 minutes on Day 1, and then gradually increasing the time.

5. How effective is the program?

Make no mistake on this. Attending the program alone will not make you thin. Qk Slim is an educational workshop on slimming. It gives you all the comprehensive information, guidelines, strategies and techniques on how to lose weight easily and safely. You have to do it all by yourself, though you will get all the necessary support and help from me. Once you follow it, it is really effective! Those who have already undergone the program will vouch for this.

6. Should I attend this program? Whether age is a criterion?

For the time being only those above 18 years will be accepted for the program. There is no upper age limit, though there should not be any debilitating diseases for the participant. In case of any doubt, please take the opinion of your local doctor.

7. How long will I have to continue the program?

The changes you make in your lifestyle are supposed to be for rest of your life, but you will be able to eat everything you want, but only in sufficient quantities required for your optimal health. Only thing you have to give up in life is your wrong eating habits.

8. Will any thing happen to my looks?

Every likely chance is that you will look much younger after 2 months into this program. Initially there could be some dullness in your face esp., when you are losing fat very fast. People are used to your chubby look and they may comment adversely. But wait patiently for 2 months, you will realize that you had a rejuvenation in your life. Skin may appear darker in the initial month, but the natural colour will come back in 2 months and people will compliment you for the improved appearance.

9. I think I have a weak mind! Can I control it?

If you are a human, you will have a mind! If you have a mind, you can do it! If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it! In QkSlim Workshop, I will make you believe that you are capable of doing it!

10. Is it available in my city?

Currently this is available only in Cochin, Kerala. However, the dates of the Qk Slim workshops are planed one to two months in advance and you can always travel down to Cochin since they are one-day workshops. We may have programs in different cities in very near future. If you are interested in organizing one in your city or organization, please contact us. This will be a great business opportunity if you are a good organizer!

11. Once the Qk Slim workshop is over, how can I get continuing help and advice if I have an issue or doubt regarding?

The Qk Slim workshops are designed as fully self-sufficient ones where you will receive all the necessary information to do it yourself. But just in case you feel you need further help, then you can come down to Qk Slim Clinic in Cochin after fixing prior appointment. We may come up with on line consultations for this purpose when we are planning workshops in other cities.

Lose Weight. Not Your Mind!