Saturday, 2 June 2012

Why Qk Slim?

I was very thin during my teens! I wanted to gain weight badly!

Then one day I met Mr. Sodhi a middle aged hefty Punjabi friend of mine who was also my neighbour. He advised me the mantra to get fatter. He said "eat whatever comes on your way" and I ardently stuck to his advice!

I grew laterally day-by-day! By the age of 30, I crossed my limit of ideal weight. But I never stopped getting fat, because I was still sticking to the advice of my friend, now almost helplessly! I was getting addicted to any tasty food that came on my way!

I was a connoisseur of food and beverages who liked all kinds of meat products. Seven years back I became a total vegetarian and started walking 60 to 90 minutes a day, with a hope to thin me down. However, I continued to grow sidewise. The hip size of my pants increased by a couple of inches and the groove of the belt kept changing for the worse.

By the age of 46th year, I was 122 kilos and was still growing. I left behind a huge trail of unfitting wardrobe. Then I decided, enough is enough! I am going to thin down and lose those extra kilos at any cost! However, being a doctor I wanted to do it safely, quickly and effectively.

I went through all the available medical literature on the concepts of losing weight. There were limited choices available to me. I had an option to drastically reduce my food to intolerable levels, and then the thought about the intensity of my hunger foreclosed that! The other choice I had was walking enough to burn those extra calories. However, I learned to my shock that I had to walk for 45 minutes to spend the energy of two pieces of bread that I ate. So walking even 24 hours a day was not enough to account for what I ate in a day!

Then an idea struck me probably during one of the meditation sessions! Hunger is something similar to the five senses that every human have. It is also just another form of sensation. Probably you have a way to control it in a medically logic method. As a person who practiced meditation for the last 25 years, I felt that I have a chance here. I once again went through an extensive medical research on the concepts of hunger and satiety. I realized that only total control of my mind in food intake and my daily habits would get me the desired results!

Finally I had a plan for me, combining all the concepts of meditation, guided imagery, visualization, realization, law of attraction, dieting, moderate exercises in addition to my medical knowledge on how a human body works and adapts to different environments and challenges. And the plan which now I call Qk Slim, was thus born.

Once I was into my Qk Slim plan, I lost 20Kgs in the first 60 days. Then the rate of my weight reduction slowed down as I moved to my normal diet, but of course in a reduced quantity. Surprisingly the new low quantities of normal food were sufficient for me to lead a very active and busy life without any problem. I continued to lose weight with my new diet. Now I have lost 30 Kgs and am slowly approaching my ultimate target of ideal weight. I am sure I will be there in no time!

My family got surprised, as they never thought I would go back to my old shape ever again. My friends got astonished seeing the change in my appearance. They said now I looked 10 -15 yrs younger. People who knew me stopped wherever I went, asking me how I did it. They all wanted to do it themselves!

I modified my program to one that is much easier for others to follow. I made meditation, imagery and visualization guidelines for them. I taught them the concepts and steps of my program, on how I did it. Each and everyone who tried it were instantly successful in shedding their weight at a pace they never thought was possible. It was so easy, quick and effective.

When more and more people started asking me to do it for them too and since I realized that I need at least 6 to 8 hours to teach each of them on how to make it happen, I asked myself why don't you do it as a mass workshop for the public. I was anyway doing lots of workshops for corporate and public on Individual development area, so why not this? Ultimately the present day Qk Slim workshop was born!

Lose Weight. Not Your Mind!