Monday, 4 June 2012

Qk Slim - What is this program?

Qk Slim is a comprehensive and revolutionary non-medical program by a medical doctor! Dr. Vinod B. Nair, a Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon practicing in Cochin for the last 16 years, has been dreaming to reduce his extra weight put on by him over the years.

He tried different methods to lose the extra flab but to no avail. After extensive research on weight reduction techniques, he in his wisdom has conceived, developed and designed a strategy for himself! He was successful in reducing 32 Kgs in 120 days!

The weight losing effect of this program known as Qk Slim is already proven beyond doubt in his own friends, acquaintance and many of his clients. This program is now being made widely available for public due to popular demand.

Qk Slim is based on the principles of total discipline and mind control in one's dieting and daily routines and having a de-addiction from wrong dietary habits. Dr. Vinod, a visionary who practices meditation for the last 25 years has designed and formulated the techniques for this program.

It is a process of unlearning the wrong habits of eating the wrong foods in wrong quantities. It is all about relearning with a perfect mind control on how to eat the right food in right quantity so that you reach your target weight in a quick, safe, simple, effective manner.

This program requires a minimum exercise of walking 45 minutes on most of the days in a week, which will be reached in a graded manner, starting with 10 minutes in the first day. Exercises are used only as a measure to maintain muscle tone, basic metabolic rate and to improve cardio pulmonary function rather than as a method to burn extra calories.

Qk Slim, a full day workshop will be done at pre-determined dates in different cities of the world. This workshop is based on the principles of Meditation, Visualization and Guided Imagery. It covers detailed advice on areas of Dieting, Nutritional supplements, Moderate Exercise, Motivation, Goal Setting, Law of attraction, Techniques of Meditation, Realization and Mentoring so as to help participants achieve their desired target weight.

Everything one need to learn on weight reduction will be taught by the original designer of the program, Dr. Vinod B. Nair who is medical doctor, life coach, mentor, personality development and corporate trainer having vast experience in medical and non-medical communication. He had hosted medical programs extensively in Television channels for years and is richly experienced in communicating to the masses on medical issues.

This program does not involve any prescription drugs or surgical procedures.

Qk Slim Associate Councillors

To spread this new revolutionary concept on quick, effective, safe and sustainable weight reduction, we have Qk Slim Associate Councillors who will brief you on the basic concepts of the Qk Slim program, before you start the onward journey to a slimmer & healthier life.

To cover cities and areas where we are yet to reach, we invite likeminded persons, willing to be part of this new venture by becoming a Qk Slim Associate Counsellor and get benefitted! If you are interested in becoming a Qk Slim Associate Councillor, please contact us by email or phone. We will help you to understand the whole process.

Dr. Vinod B. Nair, the designer and inventor of the program is the sole authority to conduct this workshop. Those who want to register for the Qk Slim workshops; need to contact Qk Slim directly as advised in the website. For modes of payment options available, please contact us. All payments must be made directly to Qk Slim.

Qk Slim Brand Ambassadors

They are our stars who have already undergone our program and proved it a success story beyond doubt. They epitomize the achievement through Qk Slim. Like Qk Slim Associate Councillors, they may also refer you to this program.

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  1. Hi Dr, Vinod, am Abdulla from palakkad dt. I want to reduce my weight, now am 120 kg .... What suggested for my problems
    Please replay
    Abdulla Pma
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  2. Hi Dr.Vinod sir,I am Sudheer from GuruvayourI saw your T.V programe in Manorama and i dont want to do any surgery.I have 82 KG and i want to reduce that. i am waiting for your valuable advice.
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  3. Hi Dr, Vinod, am Sarath from trivandrum dt.saw your T.V programe in Manorama. i am 21years old I want to reduce my weight, now am 130 kg and i want to reduce that waiting. i am waiting for your valuable advice.
    Please replay
    Sarath Sambasivan
    My mail ID ,

  4. Hi Dr, Vinod, am Majida (Female) from Doha, Qatar . i am 26 years old I want to reduce my weight, now am 68 kg and 152 cm height and I want to reduce my weight. Please suggest your valuable advice.

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  5. Hi, Dr.vinod,i am honey hasan, i am from ernakulam, my weight is 65kg and i am 21yrs old,and i need to reduce my weight... pls suggest your advice

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  7. hey doctor, I am 74 kilos and 172 cm tall and I want to lose weight, but was wondering how just 8 hours of your class can help, also i see there is a follow up of online and tele-conversations, but still how far would that be effective?

    MY E.MAIL id yasminbasheer101