Friday, 1 June 2012


1. How quick my weight will come down?

This will depend on how much quantity and what kind of food you were eating before the program, your age and your BMR(Basic Metabolic Rate). If you were eating excess energy rich foods and sweets you will lose weight much faster and the younger you are faster you tend to lose weight. If you have a high BMR, you lose weight faster. But more important is the fact that everyone will lose weight ultimately if they stick on to the program.

2. How safe it is?

This is one of the safest ways of losing weight. No prescription drugs or surgical procedures are involved in this program. For diet control, the most important thing we rely in Qk Slim, is our own mind control techniques. In fact, this is a totally non medical program. Participants will have to use a protein rich supplement initially for the first month and may need it further depending on the type of their regular diet. They may also take multi vitamin and mineral tablets to maintain optimal nutrition.

3. Once I start the program, is there a point of no return?

Absolutely No! At any point you can return to your original diet, but I strongly advise you to pursue this program for at least 60 days before quitting. This is one of the easiest and most user-friendly programs for weight reduction.

4. How much exercise should I do? How hard? How long?

You require walking for 45 minutes for most of the days in a week. You need to begin walking from the 10th day of the program, starting with 10 minutes on Day 1, and then gradually increasing the time.

5. How effective is the program?

Make no mistake on this. Attending the program alone will not make you thin. Qk Slim is an educational workshop on slimming. It gives you all the comprehensive information, guidelines, strategies and techniques on how to lose weight easily and safely. You have to do it all by yourself, though you will get all the necessary support and help from me. Once you follow it, it is really effective! Those who have already undergone the program will vouch for this.

6. Should I attend this program? Whether age is a criterion?

For the time being only those above 18 years will be accepted for the program. There is no upper age limit, though there should not be any debilitating diseases for the participant. In case of any doubt, please take the opinion of your local doctor.

7. How long will I have to continue the program?

The changes you make in your lifestyle are supposed to be for rest of your life, but you will be able to eat everything you want, but only in sufficient quantities required for your optimal health. Only thing you have to give up in life is your wrong eating habits.

8. Will any thing happen to my looks?

Every likely chance is that you will look much younger after 2 months into this program. Initially there could be some dullness in your face esp., when you are losing fat very fast. People are used to your chubby look and they may comment adversely. But wait patiently for 2 months, you will realize that you had a rejuvenation in your life. Skin may appear darker in the initial month, but the natural colour will come back in 2 months and people will compliment you for the improved appearance.

9. I think I have a weak mind! Can I control it?

If you are a human, you will have a mind! If you have a mind, you can do it! If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it! In QkSlim Workshop, I will make you believe that you are capable of doing it!

10. Is it available in my city?

Currently this is available only in Cochin, Kerala. However, the dates of the Qk Slim workshops are planed one to two months in advance and you can always travel down to Cochin since they are one-day workshops. We may have programs in different cities in very near future. If you are interested in organizing one in your city or organization, please contact us. This will be a great business opportunity if you are a good organizer!

11. Once the Qk Slim workshop is over, how can I get continuing help and advice if I have an issue or doubt regarding?

The Qk Slim workshops are designed as fully self-sufficient ones where you will receive all the necessary information to do it yourself. But just in case you feel you need further help, then you can come down to Qk Slim Clinic in Cochin after fixing prior appointment. We may come up with on line consultations for this purpose when we are planning workshops in other cities.

Lose Weight. Not Your Mind!